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ICO ends in: days ::

What is a PhoenixCoin?

PhoenixCoin is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum platform which has a value based on current markets, being an open source, decentralized, world wide acceptancy without any central authorities nor governments. That implies your cross boarder transactions with not be under control of any banking or govt institutions, user can now enjoy seamless trades across globe without having to be worried about transactions.

Phoenix transactions like sending, receiving, transfer, purchase, sales, etc. are much faster within few seconds than compared to any other currencies, with lowest possible transaction fees eg. 0.15$ transaction fees for 1000$ worth of Phoenixcoin transfer!

PhoenixCoins are much easlier to operate though range of wallets based on Ethereum platform like mist, parity, web-based myetherwallet, jaxx, PhoenixCoin wallet, mobile apps, much easy to deal with.

Besides, when you consider Bitcoin trading platforms, the Bitcoin Digital has just launched the Bitcoin Digital App to trade Bitcoin conveniently. The app lets you automate the trade while you can sit back and relax without any tension. The idea behind the launch is to draw as many investors as possible into the Bitcoin trade. The benefits of trading bitcoin are your transactions remaian anonymous, it is completely decentralized and if you delay now, later it might get expensive.

Even more?

With your PhoenixCoin, you will be able to do your normal transactions and spend and trade around the world. You will also be able to send or receive funds from anyone in a totally private way.

With the Phoenix Wallet, you can exchange your PhoenixCoin for Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin or even buy and sell your PhoenixCoin for any cryptocurrency. You need to locate the beste bitcoin börse and exchange your PhoenixCoins for Bitcoins.

With PhoenixCoin you can marginally trade on make exchange in coming days which would eventually increase your profits. Not only on exchanges, even it's possible to trade on using trading bots like bitcoin prime crypto-robot. So that traders can execute trades successfully without their active involvement and generate significant profit out of it.

PhoenixCoin's mission is to make cryptocurrency being implemented for online shopping portals similar to hard currency.

PhoenixCoin advantages

There are many advantages to buying and using PhoenixCoin. At last, you can use your money without leaving any trace. PhoenixCoin will meet your expectations because of its efficiency. Here are some non-negligible advantages that diferenciates PhoenixCoin from other cryptocurrencies:


Easiest way to purchase PhoenixCoin would be Ether, just send any value of Ether to mentioned Ether Address or Scan to send and instantly PhoenixCoin are transferred to your Ether Wallet access them any time, make purchase, sale, trade. Please do no send Ether directly from exchange, please send from your own Ether Wallet only.

Safe & Secure

The PhoenixCoin is based on the Ethereum structure, which make the PhoenixCoin work the same way it was programmed only you are responsible for your wealth storage, secured by password, private key, two-step Authentications which may PhoenixCoin much far safer & secure than any other cryptocurrency in market.


The PhoenixCoin and its related services like web based wallet, exchange, e-portals and many more which are being developed makes PhoenixCoin one of the most feasibile cryptocurrency to work with. PhoenixCoin see world of products, services, trading, gambling under one Phoenix International platform


You will have access to your PhoenixCoin wallet with which you can manage your money. You will also receive your PhoenixCoin, so that you can spend your money anywhere in the world in a safe and private way. Not to mention Phoenix Wallet which will offer you the possibility to securely purchase PhoenixCoin.


During launch of PhoenixCoin 1st 4 week of crowdsale coins are offered with a loyality bonus of 5% with all amount of purchase with much lower price than of real price during ICO.

Multi Currency

After end of ICO once PhoenixCoin hits exchange anyone holding PhoenixCoin would be able to exchange PhoenixCoin for any* cryptocurrency available in market, such as bitcoin, ethereum, zcash, monero, litecoin, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Here are general questions & answers about cryptocurrency

  • What is an ICO?

    ICO is a Initial coin offering made from a company or organization to raise funds for a legit business.

    ICO holders in return enjoys benefits arising from the business & coins value rising in tradings.

  • Using PhoenixCoin?

    PhoenixCoin is similar to the any other real currencies like USD, EUR, CAD, etc.. It is a decentralized currency, of a certain value, with which you can buy goods, services or invest. It will be possible to buy, sell or transfer your PhoenixCoin to anyone around globe and in a totally private way.

  • HighLight Whitepaper

    Whitepaper being very important part of any ICO is made in keeping mind the interest of investors.

    Please click here for Whitepaper

  • How to Purchase?

    During different stages of crowd funding & ICO you can purchase PhoenixCoin at different discounted price, please refer below for detailed pricing.

    PhoenixCoin can be purchased directly by sending any values of Ether to contract address displayed below also you can signup on registration page to get Ether wallet and make purchase using Ether, Bitcoin, Neteller, etc.

  • What is the estimated value of the PhoenixCoin?

    During 1st August to 31st August 2017 price of Phoenix will vary from 5$ to 15$ per PhoenixCoin

    The estimate price are considering all coins get sold at mentioned stages, later on exchange price would be greatly dependable on investors spectaculations.

  • When does the CrowdSale start?

    The CrowdSale officially begins on August 1st August, at 8:00 AM IST

  • How do the CrowdSale price scaling work?

    During CrowdSale, there will be 5 different stages starting from 1st August lasts 15th October 2017

    Week 1: PhoenixCoin cost: $5 + 5% Bonus

    Week 2: PhoenixCoin cost: $7 + 5% Bonus

    Week 3: PhoenixCoin cost: $9 + 5% Bonus

    Week 4: PhoenixCoin cost: $11 + 5% Bonus

    Week 5: PhoenixCoin cost: $15

    As the PhoenixCoin sales increase, so will the sales stages, going from the 1st to 4th stage. Thus, it is to your advantage to buy your PhoenixCoin quickly at the beginning of the presale to take advantage of the lowest sale stage rate possible.

  • How can I buy PhoenixCoin?

    The easiest way is to send Ether directly to PhoenixCoin contract address and in return you get PhoenixCoin to your Ethereum wallet instantly automated.

  • Creating Wallet

    You can use your own Ethereum wallet or you can open account here to get Ethereum account. Both the account will equivalent.

    Click here to create accont.

  • What is the expected bounty rewards?

    This depends on the sell stage you will be at when you purchase your PhoenixCoin, here is an example:

    Week 1: Bounty rewards after 31 days or less: 300%

    Week 2: Bounty rewards after 31 days or less: 214%

    Week 3: Bounty rewards after 31 days or less: 166%

    Week 4: Bounty rewards after 31 days or less: 136%

  • Is it safe?

    The cryptocurrency is the actual safest currency, unlike cash, you cannot lose it or have it robbed. No bank will be able to validate your transactions or take a fee on your transactions. It's your money and no one will be able to scrutinize your operations.

  • What does "potential profit" mean?

    The potential profit displayed is simply based on the eventuality that all PhoenixCoin are sold during the CrowdSale.

Development calendar

The Phoenix International team is working constantly on revolutionalizing the era of cryptocurrency by developing the following environments and services as quickly as possible:

Domain & Website Development Q2 2017

Q2 2017

Web Platform & WalletsQ3 2017

Q3 2017

Initial Crowdfunding1st August - 31st August

1st August - 31st August

Secondary platform features. (Profile settings, talent search engine, etc.)Q4 2017

Q4 2017

1st Round of active advertising and promotion of the platform Q4 2017

Q4 2017

Employ people for talent search moderation and platform supportQ1 2018

Q1 2018

partnership with other blockchain projects & fiat currency acceptancy Q1 2018

Q1 2018

2nd Round of advertising, targeting new markets and users without experience on crypto Q1 2018

Q1 2018

Public events and meetups, getting people to notice our platform in real life Q1 2018

Q1 2018

The PhoenixCoin

Actual cryptocurrencies are hard and complicated to buy for unexperienced people and even more so when it comes to sell your cryptocurrency and spend your money.

The PhoenixCoin can be accessed from any Ethereum based wallet or Phoenix web wallet from any cornet of world. Further PhoenixCoin can be purchased using Bitcoin or any other payment method. (Do not send ether directly from any exchange).

All transaction are as fast as with 30 seconds across any accounts and are as cheap as 0.03$ per transaction isrespective of amount.

Best Investment Opportunity

Phoenix internation brand launching PhoenixCoin with a fixed supply of 50 Million coins with a initial target of 15$ being offered for crowdsale with discounted pricing would surely yields a high returns on invesments.

Being open source contract anyone can read contract to understand its legitimate aspects though mentioned in whitepaper released by Phoenix International

Unlike other ICO in market Phoenix internation project is dedicated in investors part of interest.

The profits generated from PhoenixCoin can be easily & instantly converted into Bitcoin or USD, EUR, CAD or any of your local currencies.

The best part being 1 week investors seeks 300% returns within 31 days!

A profitable contribution

Unlike other ICOs, during the pre-sale, the sooner your purchase your PhoenixCoin, the higher the resale value of these PhoenixCoin will be. See by yourself with the calculation tool below.

With which currency will you buy your PhoenixCoin?


If I invest 0 $

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 $

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 

If I invest 0 BTC

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 ETH

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 LTC

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

I think investing more

If I invest 0 $

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 $

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 

If I invest 0 BTC

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 ETH

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

If I invest 0 LTC

I will obtain 0 PhoenixCoin Estimated value of 0 $

I think investing less

This calculation tool is based on the 1st stage of Crowdfunding that will be active from 1st to 7th August ($5 per PhoenixCoin), the estimated value amount ($15 per PhoenixCoin) is based on the possibility that all PhoenixCoin will be sold during the 4 Crowdfunding stages. In this case, your initial purchase will be multiplied by 300% in 31 days.

Sales & Opportunities

PhoenixCoin are offered at different price at different stages of launch as Crowdfunding and ICO, sooner the cheaper

Crowdfunding 1

1st to 7th August PhoenixCoin selling buying price 5$
+5% Bonus
Potential profit within 31 days: 300 %

Crowdfunding 2

8th to 15th August PhoenixCoin selling buying price 7$
+5% Bonus
Potential profit within 31 days: 214 %

Crowdfunding 3

16th to 23rd August PhoenixCoin selling buying price 9$
+5% Bonus
Potential profit within 31 days: 166 %

Crowdfunding 4

24th to 31st August PhoenixCoin selling buying price 11$
+5% Bonus
Potential profit within 31 days: 136 %
  • Purchase price of PhoenixCoin
  • PhoenixCoin Value
  • Point of no return


PhoenixCoin would not exist without you, so we decided to offer special discounts to our special members.

All investors buying PhoenixCoin during 1 August to 31st August would be entitled to 5% of loyalty bonus on all purchase values.

The Beginning of The PhoenixCoin Crowdfunding

The PhoenixCoin will be sold on discount & bonus on four price stages from $5to $11 per PhoenixCoin. Crowdfunding will be available for 31 days or until the 12.5 Million coins are sold

Crowdfunding ends on 15th October


The 4 stages of Crowdfunding will end on August 31st, 2017


Send Ether directly to following contract to receive PhoenixCoin

PhoenixCoin Contract address : 0x1b68c6d4a3b27aa43619750bf9d7578fd29ee6fe

Our presence is worldwide

Peoples joining us worldwide in realtime

Thanks for your support.